We are

The go-to-partner for influencers who want to build
their own sustainable lifestyle brands.

What we do

Influencer Brands help influencers & creators to create their very own sustainable product brand.

We are a full-service company that helps to start, run and scale lifestyle brands. We offer a seamless procedure regarding the concept, production, logistics, customer service, branding, operations, financials and e-commerce solutions.


Do you have an idea you want to bring into life? Together we will invest, build and scale your lifestyle brand to the next level – one launch at a time. 


Our mission is to create sustainable brands with a best-in-class online-shopping experience. 





Sustainable design- and product development

We create sustainable product brands with a focus on circular business models. We want to take care of our planet from production, material choice to environmentally friendly packing – and return.


We take care of all logistical necessities with regards to the brand. This includes delivery and return solutions as well as e-commerce logistics and facilitation services.

Customer service

Our priority is customer satisfaction. We unify the customer service experience across digital flats through direct emails, messaging and chat in one system. 


We are committed to build strong brand identities for our brands with a positive reception. This includes marketing and branding activities with core focus on a loyal customer base. This is done in close collaboration with the influencer and/or management.

Online-shopping experience

Your lifestyle brand will have its own webshop. Our team will take care of building your webshop and create a seamless digital shopping experience,  including payment solutions and technical upgrades.

Business inquiries

We take care of all technical and business inquiries that belong to the brand. This includes intellectual property rights, financial control and business development.

Who we are

Our team is on a mission to build independent brands with influencers that focus on minimising the ecological footprint in the fashion industry.

We have the know-how and infrastructure in place to bring your lifestyle brand into life. With trusted partners and verified sustainable fashion certifications and elements we are moving towards a circular business model to close the loop in fashion.

Behind-the-scenes we take care of all the necessities to start and run a full-scale brand in a sustainable matter.

We believe that as a team full of young entrepreneurial spirits backed by trusted and leading partners we can make a change, but first we need to challenge the status quo – together.

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  • Linnea Tveraaen
  • Isabella McNeill
  • Eva Røgler